We Empower Translators

CLC is a Cooperative, which is defined as “a business, or other organization that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits”. The intent of the Cooperative is to empower its translators and interpreters to utilize their bilingual abilities to help others and obtain a fair wage for their services. The majority of interpreters are women and this job opportunity allows for them to utilize their unique talents and bring depth of conversation critical to community development, and a more inclusive society.

“The Cooperative is not just providing a service, it’s creating a relationship with us”
Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell
“They provide timely and quality interpretation, both written and oral”
David Portillo, The Denver Foundation
“Accurate, culturally-sensitive translations, especially to social justice groups”
Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado
“Their ability to work with our organizations unique needs and schedule is remarkable”
David Portillo, The Denver Foundation
“Incredibly reliable”
Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado
“Very professional, always reliable, and willing to be flexible to accommodate our needs”
Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell
Indira Guzman-Sais
Indira Guzman-SaisFounder, Interpreter
Indira S Guzman-Sais is a founding member of the Community Language Cooperative. Having a passion for working in underserved communities, Indira interprets and teaches adult English as a Second Language Courses in Denver communities. She serves as a board member for both the Sanctuary Christian Fellowship and Re:Vision, and additionally works to serve as a liaison for the Spanish speaking community in Denver. Indira has two beautiful children, Hannah and Isaac, and lives with her husband in Englewood, Colorado.
Claudia Lopez
Claudia LopezFounder, Interpreter
Though Claudia Lopez is originally from a small town in southern New Mexico, she has been a devoted member of the Globeville Community for the past 11 years. When not supporting her children’s school and sports activities, Claudia enjoys reading, supporting non-profits and helping Hispanic families become involved in their communities. She has a particular affinity for education and works alongside families to be more conscious and active in their education choices. Claudia attended the Community College of Denver and continues to be an active citizen in Globeville.
Rosa Snyder
Rosa SnyderFounder, Intepreter
Rosa Snyder was born in El Paso, Texas, but considers herself a Colorado native. A long time advocate for monolingual Spanish speakers or those with a limited English proficiency, she has served as a lifelong interpreter for her dad but also for school districts, churches and the non-profit sector. Rosa holds a degree in Spanish from Colorado State University-Pueblo. Rosa also has experience working as a coordinator of a family literacy program and also as an ELL (English Language Learner) high school teacher. She currently works alongside her husband on a church plant in southwest Denver and enjoys spending time with her two children.
Cindy Ambs
Cindy AmbsInterpreter
Cindy Ambs was born in Vietnam before arriving to the US at age 4. With many of her neighbors speaking Vietnamese, growing up in Orange County California felt like growing up in her native country. Ever since she was able to read and write, Cindy translated for her parents daily. Speaking in two languages has been an important part of her upbringing and has made her appreciate how important it is to communicate effectively. Cindy earned her bachelors degree in business administration at Davenport University. She now proudly calls Denver, Colorado her home since 2011.
Danielle Short
Danielle ShortInterpreter
Danielle Short has a long history of serving as a bridge between English and Spanish speakers. She lived in Mexico for four years where she facilitated and interpreted for cross-cultural exchanges between people from the U.S./Canada and Mexico. Additionally, Danielle developed Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, a group that works to create public discourse and policy that supports immigrants’ full human rights. She is involved in the Down syndrome community and works part-time as a parent advisor to Spanish-speaking families of children with disabilities at the PEAK Parent Center.
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed MohamedInterpreter
Originally a native of Kenya, Mohamed Mohamed immigrated to the US in 2005. Mohamed attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, CO before eventually transferring to the Metropolitan State University of Denver to complete his education. Regularly involved with the Somali Bantu Community Association of Denver, Mohamed often volunteers his expertise in interpretation, transportation and English as a Second Language courses. Mohamed lives with his with his wife and enjoys playing soccer during his free time.
Zulma Garcia
Zulma GarciaInterpreter
Zulma L Garcia was born in El Salvador. She immigrated to the United States when she was 9 years old, moving to California. Zulma worked in the insurance sector for 10 years. She has an associates degree in business and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree at Ashford University. Zulma has worked extensively on immigration issues with organizations like the DACA program within the Hispanic community. Alongside her work as an interpreter, two of Zulma’s main passions are spending time with her family and traveling.