The Community Language Cooperative (CLC) provides interpretation services,  focus groups, and inclusivity and diversity trainings to make community, academic, and governmental events and meetings more inclusive and accessible to all stakeholders, but especially those that are not always present when decisions affecting their communities are made because of language barriers. The Cooperative provides services that broaden opportunities for participation and increased community engagement by non-English speakers. CLC’s services make it possible for organizations and government agencies to remove all language and cultural barriers as a standard component of important meetings, focus groups, and events that impact communities.

“The Cooperative is not just providing a service, it’s creating a relationship with us”
Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell
“They provide timely and quality interpretation, both written and oral”
David Portillo, The Denver Foundation
“Accurate, culturally-sensitive translations, especially to social justice groups”
Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado
“Their ability to work with our organizations unique needs and schedule is remarkable”
David Portillo, The Denver Foundation
“Incredibly reliable”
Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, 9to5 Colorado
“Very professional, always reliable, and willing to be flexible to accommodate our needs”
Rachel Cleaves, GES LiveWell
Rosa Guzman Snyder
Rosa Guzman SnyderDirector, Co-Founder
Rosa Guzman-Snyder, the director of the Community Language Cooperative works on providing quality interpretation and translation services to linguistically diverse communities. She has a history of providing language justice trainings for grass-roots and grass-tops organizations, understanding that it requires organizations to practice language justice effectively as a clear way of making space for racial inclusion. Rosa is a skilled interpreter (consecutive and simultaneous) and has vast experience in navigating linguistically diverse spaces. In addition to the facilitation, Rosa provides coaching for resident teams and non-profits who are working on implementing language justice and equity in engagement in their organization. Rosa is a long time resident of Southwest Denver, growing up in the Westwood neighborhood. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Nonprofit Administration from Colorado State University- Pueblo and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Texas, Arlington. Rosa is a fellow of the Transformative Leadership for Change fellowship, designed for diverse directors in Colorado.
Indira Guzman
Indira GuzmanCo-founder and Interpreter
Indira Guzman, a co-founder and lead interpreter at the Community Language Cooperative, has over 25 years of experience in providing real time interpretation services. After her Chicano Studies at Metro State University, Indira has acted as a liaison for the Spanish speaking community throughout Denver. She currently works as a community organizer with the Colorado Trust in Sheridan Colorado. As a worker-owner of the CLC, Indira provides coaching and training development with new interpreters and service providers on the best practices for breaking down language barriers. Indira currently sits as a board member for the Roots Family Resource Center and Sanctuary Christian Fellowship. She is also a member of the Economic Opportunity Committee with the Denver Foundation and a Governance Committee with the Arc of Colorado.
Cindy Ambs
Cindy AmbsInterpreter
Cindy Ambs was born in Vietnam before arriving to the US at age 4. With many of her neighbors speaking Vietnamese, growing up in Orange County California felt like growing up in her native country. Ever since she was able to read and write, Cindy translated for her parents daily. Speaking in two languages has been an important part of her upbringing and has made her appreciate how important it is to communicate effectively. Cindy earned her bachelors degree in business administration at Davenport University. She now proudly calls Denver, Colorado her home since 2011.
Alex Arrieta
Alex ArrietaSpanish interpreter
Annalise Romoser
Annalise RomoserSpanish interpreter